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The archive's history

Simon Kangas, Kees van Kooten Niekerk and David Bugge Svend Andersen David Bugge and Kees van Kooten Niekerk


The idea of establishing a Løgstrup Archive arose shortly after K.E. Løgstrup's death in 1981.

The editing of the books that Løgstrup had been preparing for publication involved reading a large amount of posthumous papers. In this connection it was natural to make a provisional registration of those papers, which laid the ground for the establishment of a proper archive.

The prime mover behind the subsequent establishment of the archive was Niels Henrik Gregersen, associate professor at the Faculty of Theology, University of Aarhus. The purpose was to make K.E. Løgstrup's published works and the relevant parts of his posthumous papers available for research.

An interdisciplinary steering group was formed, which was to be responsible for the implementation and management of the archive. It consisted of:

  • Svend Andersen
  • Hans Fink, Niels
  • Henrik Gregersen
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Kim Arne Pedersen
  • Jens Holger Schjørring
  • Jørgen Stenbæk
  • Christian Thodberg

all members of the academic staff at the University of Aarhus. The project was supported financially by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities, the Aarhus University Research Foundation and the Faculty of Theology at the University of Aarhus.

Practical organization

Ulli Zeitler, MA, was in charge of the practical organization of the archive. His assignment was first and foremost to transfer Løgstrup's posthumous manuscripts to microfilm and to register them in an electronic database. Søren Peter Hansen, a student of theology, assisted him in the finishing of the work. The archive was officially inaugurated on 1 September 1995.

In 2000 the archive received a grant from the Velux Foundation funding a number of activities during a three-year period. In connection with this grant, the archive was reorganized.

In 2001 the archive moved to the Faculty of Theology's new domicile (building 443, room 414), where it was provided with new furniture, a microfilm scanner and computer equipment for digitalisation of the manuscripts. Moreover the database was made accessible via the internet. This makes it possible to order and receive selected manuscripts electronically. Furthermore, thanks to a donation by Mrs Rosemarie Løgstrup, the archive acquired the part of Løgstrup's book collection which is of significance for research. The archive was officially re-inaugurated in its new form on 5 October 2001.

Articles of association

Articles of associations were set up and approved by the Faculty of Theology. A board appointed by the Dean of the Faculty of Theology, and consisting of Professor Svend Andersen (chairman), Research Professor Niels Henrik Gregersen, Professor Viggo Mortensen and Senior Lecturer Hans Fink is now in charge of the archive. As research fellow and head of the archive was appointed  Associate Research Professor Kees van Kooten Niekerk.