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Posthumous publications

Apart from the mentioned Metaphysics volumes, the group of editors, drawing from Løgstrup's posthumous documents, have issued two essay collections.

  • The first one, System and Symbol ('System og symbol'), which Løgstrup himself had prepared, was published in 1982. It discusses mainly ethical and political issues.
  • In 1987 followed Solidarity and Love ('Solidaritet og kærlighed'), which contains essays, articles and various kinds of considerations.
  • Other posthumous publications include Dear Hal. Dear Koste ('Kære Hal. Kære Koste') (correspondence between Løgstrup and Hal Koch during World War II; 1992); Sermons from Sandager-Holevad ('Prædikener fra Sandager-Holevad'), published in 1995, Martin Heidegger, an Introduction to Sein und Zeit ('Martin Heidegger, en indføring i Sein und Zeit') with an appendix on Heidegger's philosophy of art (1996) and The Sermon and its Text ('Prædikenen og dens Tekst') (a manuscript from 1941; 1999).

For further biographical information, please see Karstein M. Hansen: K.E. Løgstrup's Work 1930-1987. A Bibliography ('K.E. Løgstrups forfatterskab 1930-1987. En bibliografi'), published by Aarhus University Press, 1987.